Rights Respecting Schools Group

RRSA-ROC-logounicefrrsa level one

We are learning about the Rights of the Child at Fyvie School. We gained level one of the award in February 2017, we will now start to work towards level two. We have learned that all children have rights no matter what country you live in, how rich or poor you are or what your family circumstances are. We make links to our rights in the work we do in school such as at assemblies and when we fundraise but also in our lessons when we learn about a time in history or a country in the world. 4Rights is in everything that we do.

All classes in the school now have their own class charter. This reminds children of their rights in the class and their expectations for themselves and of others. The photo shows the P2/3 class charter.


Turriff Rotary Club has joined forces with Fyvie School’s Rights Respecting Schools group by setting up Rotakids. The aim is the development of strength, knowledge, skills, enthusiasm and determination to keep finding ways to change the world so that everyone can enjoy a peaceful life. The committee of six Rotakids took the pledge at a recent school assembly alongside Turriff Rotarians to become the Fyvie Rotakids founding members. Rotakids encompasses much of the work that the Rights Respecting Schools Association group already undertake in the school and the community.

rotakids 2