Class Seesaw

At Fyvie School we use Seesaw to update Parents/Carers on classroom learning. Please contact your child’s teacher to obtain access to Seesaw.

For more information on Seesaw, please click here.

December 2022 Update:

Fyvie School, along with a proportion of primary schools in Aberdeenshire,
have been using Seesaw. It was recognised by Education and Children’s Services (ECS) that
schools in Aberdeenshire found Seesaw a useful product and it was for this reason significant
time and effort was given to completing a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) for Seesaw
on behalf of these schools. As outlined in the Privacy Statement issued to parents, in order for
them to give consent for their child / children to use Seesaw, the DPIA was rejected by the
Council’s independent Data Protection Officer (DPO) owing to data protection, information
security and legal commercial concerns. ECS over-ruled DPIA rejection to allow schools to
continue using Seesaw, based on an ECS assessment which concluded that the benefits of
ongoing use outweighed identified risks. The revised privacy notice and communication, which
clearly set out identified risks, was provided to schools informing them how these risks had to be
mitigated. Parents were asked to provide consent to use Seesaw, having been informed of these
concerns via the privacy notice.

Recently, further concerns have arisen with Seesaw. The Council has therefore decided that the
DPIA needs to be fully reviewed and until this happens, use of Seesaw will be suspended at the
end of term, from 23rd December 2022. Until such time as the DPIA is revised and completed,
and confidence in the product is at an acceptable level for use by Aberdeenshire schools, there
will be no further use of Seesaw in schools beyond 23rd December 2022.

The Education Learning team are currently reviewing products for a suitable replacement.