House Captains

The School pupils and staff are currently voting for their preferred House Captains following speeches and campaigning by the P7 pupils.  We will find out the results when all votes have been counted!

House Captains for 2017/18

House Captain for Camaloun is

House Captain for Ardlogie is

House Captain for Petty is

House Captain for Tifty is

The ‘House Treat’ is a reward for earning more house points than any other house each term. Pupils belonging to the winning house enjoy an afternoon choosing from games, a movie, arts and crafts, construction and baking. A snack is  served to the pupils and the House Captain congratulates the pupils in that house for working so hard in the term.

House Winners in 2016/17

Term One – Tifty

Term Two – Petty

Term Three – Tifty

Term Four – Petty